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2017 Raiders Week 12: Win

2016 Raiders Week 11: Win

#(Silver&)BlackPower Raiders defeat Texans 27-20 in Mexico City.

Raider Quarterback: Derek Carr #4

Derek Carr #4 has been intercepted so few times this season, it’s easy to forget the last time the Oakland Raiders quarterback threw a pick. Carr has thrown 155 consecutive passes without throwing an interception.

Raider Offensive Coordinator: Bill Musgrave

“Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave found a flaw in the beast. 41 minutes of sheer overwhelming brute force. Attacked in a way unknown and foreign, the Denver Broncos bench adopted a sense of incredulity, as they were completely taken by surprise. Nobody had ever successfully lined up and physically dominated them, and completely stripped them of their will to play the game.” From yahoo

The Oakland Raiders sit atop the best division in football

“Now at 7-2 after taking apart the Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, the Oakland Raiders sit atop the best division in football. With some excellent drafting and tons of cap space at his disposal, Reggie McKenzie has done a great job of building a contending roster from the ashes and Jack Del Rio now finds himself clearly in the running for Coach of the Year.”

Raider Tackle: Donald Penn #72

Donald Penn #72 had another excellent performance, doing a great job against DeMarcus Ware and Shane Ray and cementing himself as one of the top left tackles in the league.”

2016 Raiders Week 9: Win

“You could feel it on the field before this game, when the Raiders players marched through the tunnel, out under the lights, and fully absorbed the crackle and roar of a home crowd seething with energy. And you could hear it–could almost go deaf if you listened too closely and for too long–as the Raiders fought off every Denver counter-attack, charged into the end zone again and again, and gave every evidence that this was a team finally coming into its own at the right time and on the right stage.”

Raiders vs Buccaneers Offensive Analysis: Give the Game Ball to Coach Musgraves

dzxf0feCoach Musgrave is a Machine.

Raiders Analysis

Raider offensive coordinator, Bill Musgrave, takes a lot of criticism, but it’s hard to deny that the Raider offense has been pretty good this season. This week his offense put up over 600 yards and a lot of it has to do with clever play designs. There were several times when he designed and dialed up perfect plays that just didn’t get executed correctly as well. He knew exactly what the Buccaneers defense wanted to do and he put together a game plan that was his best as the Raiders OC to date.

Down by ten points, the Raiders offense needed a spark and Musgrave dialed up a play to fullback, Olawale for a 68 yard gain. Olawale was wide open because of great play design. The Buccaneers play a very similar coverage as the Jaguars do. They mainly play a variation of cover-3 called Rip/ Liz. Their flat defenders have to…

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The Raider Quarterback: Derek Carr #4

“On pace to throw for 4,600 yards with 34 touchdowns and six picks, Derek Carr #4 will be in the discussion if the Oakland Raiders keeps winning. He’s still got to string together some big wins and big games. But some of his throws Sunday in Tampa, a few dropped into a bucket from 25 or 30 yards away, and one in particular placed as well as a quarterback can place a huge throw, convince me that Carr, 25, is fit to be one of the next generation to take over for the Manning/Brady/Brees class.” -Peter King