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Las Vegas Raiders

““It’s really a tremendous opportunity,” Mark Davis continued. “A fresh start in a growing market that’s easily accessible to areas of the country that are hot-beds for Raider Nation. But not just that, we want to be a member of the community. We want to build a strong, local fan base, and we believe we’ll do just that. And when people think about Las Vegas, it won’t just be for entertainment and vacations and casinos. They’ll think about the Raiders. The Las Vegas Raiders. That’s a game-changer in so many ways.””

Raider Linebacker: Khalil Mack #52

“That Khalil Mack #52 is one of the best players in the league should come as a surprise to nobody. He was sensational against the run as a rookie and, while he didn’t dominate as a pass rusher, he certainly made a big enough impression as a first-year pro in that regard. That’s where he stepped up in 2015, though, becoming one of the most devastating defenders in the NFL, wrecking offensive gameplans and hunting down quarterbacks.”

From Pro Football Focus

Raider Defensive End: Mario Edwards Jr. #97

“In the four games after Justin Tuck went down with a torn pectoral, Edwards and Khalil Mack #52 combined for 25 quarterback hurries.”

Raider Quarterback: Derek Carr #4

Derek Carr #4 threw for 3987 yards and 32 touchdowns to 13 interceptions to earn a trip to the Pro Bowl as an alternate. He helped lead the Raiders to a 7-9 record in 2015 — their best record since going 8-8 in 2011.”