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The Fourth Quarter: Crash & Burn

HallofFame2011 033Post mortem.

We got pounded.  The final quarter of the season was an 0-4 off the rails disaster.  Three of those in a row lost to despised Division Rivals who brought this team to it’s knees, and put us out of our misery.

First up was New York in Week14 and a struggling Jets team, clearly a weak opponent.  Their rookie QB went from bust to bonkers as he threw at will on our lost defense.  Beat up by the Jets, that’s pathetic.  They were terrible and somehow we were worse.2002Raiders 031

Back home for the Chiefs in Week 15.  Raider Legend Rod Martin #53 lit the Flame of Remembrance.  Then Kansas City went to town, rampaging down the field with no fear whatsoever.  Alex Smith remains unbeaten against us, and unlike our first time against him in KC, he played well here.  Most points surrendered in the history of the Raiders franchise. To the Chiefs. This one will be hard to forget.

Down to SD for the Week 16 game against the Chargers.  Phillip Rivers scorched us.  Matt McGloin was over matched at QB and had moments of good play but our Defense again buckled.  San Diego scored at will. What the hell is going wrong with this team? Injuries and lack of depth we ran out of steam and choked out.

hi-res-6893016_crop_northThe ultimate humiliation was the Bronco’s visit to the Coliseum for the finale in Week 17.  Al LoCasale lit the Flame. And Terrelle Pryor #2, The Last Disciple got one last chance to take the field at Quarterback.  Everyone held the breath hoping he could recapture some of the magic of the early quarter of the year.  Right off the bat a fumbled snap set this game spiraling out of control.  Broncos were able to score on every single drive until they pulled Manning out.  In garbage time Terrelle was able to lead us on some respectable drives, but the bitterness of this horrid season was too deep as the final score showed another loss.2002Raiders 037

4-12 Again. Losing 1-8 to end the season. AGAIN.  I’ve been lukewarm on Dennis Allen since the start.  Seeing Hue Jackson rise to OC in Cincinatti was a painful reminder of when things went horribly wrong for us.  That dreadful day when Al Davis died and this team went into a wild tailspin, utterly out of control. The spinning hasn’t stopped..

On the bright side Allen was able to get us 4 wins with by far the lowest payroll in the entire league.  The most dead money in history.  That wasn’t easy. So let’s see what he can put together for next year. Because now we don’t have one hand tied behind our backs.  Fighting our way out of the abyss will be worth it when we payback the AFC West sweeping them again and again in vengeance!

The Raiders 2013 Campaign is Dead.

Long Live the Raiders!