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Raiders Playoffs 2011

Oakland Raiders Jerry Rice #80

When I started this blog during the offseason, I made my bold prediction that Raiders would go 8-8 and win the division with a tiebreaker over San Diego.
Raiders may very well beat that prediction and on the other hand they may flop and miss it.
But destiny is calling!
On the radio today they were asking about how hard the path to the playoffs is for the Raiders.
It was said that Oakland will have a tough time because they may have to play two of the three: Patriots, Ravens or Steelers along the way.
They tried to pick the easiest path and how we could make it past these tough teams.
Raider fans WANT TO BEAT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!
My only regret is that we don’t get to face them ALL in the post season, we NEED to DEMOLISH our opponents, those who have taunted us for years.

The Steelers blocked us from MULTIPLE super bowls! After their recent rash of success, Raiders MUST put them back in their place during the playoffs!

The upstart Ravens are trying to be the baddest team in the league, HELL NO, that spot is taken!!! Silver and Black will get physical and SHOW these punks how it is DONE!

Finally, the Patriots… Golden boy QB Tom Brady’s career started in the Snow Job Bowl, when Patriots got the WORST call in history, blocking Raiders from their rightful SuperBowl. It needs to END with a loss to Oakland in the AFC Championship game! Raider fans need for revenge will never cease until we SMACK the Pats out of the final round. They have it coming and finally, we have the tools to finish them off…

Raider Nation it’s only a matter of time.
And as Hue Jackson says: THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!!

Raiders 2011 Week Twelve: Bashing Down the Bears

Los Angeles Raiders Matt Millen #55

Three in a row for the Oakland Raiders. Now that’s what I’m talking about!
This team is building up steam in the second half. Overcoming so many injuries and difficulties, they are starting to play their best here later in the season. And that bodes well for our chances of making the playoffs.
2-0 against the NFC North shows that Raiders are getting better at stopping the run, and at running against stiff pressure.
This team is still growing, improving and raising it’s level. Far from their peak.
Other teams are falling apart, and we are getting healthy..,.
Most IMPORTANTLY we are avoiding horrible penalties that ruined previous games. If Raiders keep playing without penalties, then we are going to DOMINATE!
Raider run game continues to rage against our enemies. Bush still runs them OVER!
Carson Palmers passing game continues to rip our opponents. We have SO much room to improve in this area, and Carson has just begun. His leadership, calls on the line and ability to lead the offense is going to take this team a long ways.
Shane Lechler and Sebastian Janokowski broke team records in this game. These guys are truly amazing. They put the Foot in football. I love to see them on the field making other teams fearful of Raider special teams.

Great to see Matt Forte, Devin Hester and other Bears pro bowl players shut out by Raider defense. A smart, careful, hard fought game against a tough foe.
Raiders seemed calmer, more poised in the first half. Usually they rush out on defense eager to intimidate, and get penalized. This time they kept it inside and just played solid ball, patient and cunning. That’s going to make this a better team.
This is the beginning of a new era in Raider football. Can you imagine when our coach has been on this team for 8 years building stability and strength? Our guy is a rookie and the Bears coach has 8 years on the team.
Hue Jackson is creating a new Raider team, and the spirit of Al Davis will provide the Will to WIN!!!

Raiders 2011 Week Eleven: Victory Over the Vikings

Oakland Raiders VS Minnesota Vikings

Another game with fans on the edge of their seats… Watching excellent play in the first half was a lot of fun. Vikings lost their top running back, just like us, so that was a big advantage to the Raiders. However the second half was a Raider meltdown, when the refs almost handed the games to the Vikings.

A few points: Refereeing was utterly horrible! This time Raiders coach Jackson exploded with frustration, calling out the officials for a horrendous game. How much longer does the league stomp on the Raiders giving our opponents every advantage? Their hatred of Al Davis goes beyond the grave.
Obviously Raiders need to clean up the small stuff, as they do commit many, many legit penalties. But we need to be extra observant, because we will ALWAYS be targeted more than others. Therefore we have to play even smarter than others and stop the ones we can. Because CONSANT personal fouls will be called on us game after game, decade after decade.

Our biggest test in the NFC NORTH is getting our team to stop the run. We stopped AP, and did well against his back up. Consider this one of the four lessons our team needed to learn. The other three teams will be harder, but the foundation is laid for beating the Bears. If we can split with the NFC North, Raiders will be in a solid position in our division race.

Secondly, we were able to run on a tough run defense. Raider standout Mike Bush, SMACKED his way through the Vikings spelled a few times by Taiwan Jones and matchup nightmare Marcell Reece. Excellent run blocking and running by the Raiders!

Carson Palmer develops as a QB. He’s not there yet but going 2-1 in his first three starts is better than expected. I can’t say enough about how exciting it is to have an excellent QB leading this team. #3 has the makings of a Raider legend!!!

Both sides of our team took big steps this week. But bigger tests come against the Bears… This season of testing continues and Raiders are still struggling. But the momentum is shifting our way and the season is still a long ways from over.


Oakland Raiders AFC Champions 2002

In 2009 the Raiders were horrible. Nothing about this team was good.
In 2010, they struggled, fought, clawed and climbed up to the the status of average.
In 2011, against one of the toughest schedules ever, the Raiders are in a battle to reach GOOD.
And under the leadership of rookie head coach Hue Jackson, that battle will be won!
This team has good players but that is not enough. We need a season of battle against the very best opponents in the NFL. We need to be tested against savage trials of danger and defeat to become a playoff worthy team.
After innumerable injuries and even deaths in the first half of the season, the 2011 Raiders are becoming something….

We survived the test of the AFC East, dominating but then losing to the Bills, soundly beating the Jets, and losing with poise to the Patriots. Miami is yet to be seen, but suffice to say our games in this division have helped this team grow stronger.

Now comes the ultimate testing ground: The NFC NORTH!!!!!
All four games against these snow teams come now. The perfect way to put our team under EXTREME pressure and see what comes out of it. Do the Raiders crack or do they create a diamond that glitters even more brightly than our superbowl teams of the past?

Make no mistake. We NEED these types of tough, brutal games.
To reach the next level, the level of GOOD, Oakland must strive to hold together in a storm of monster defenses, powerful offenses and horrifying field conditions.  If Raiders can run on these guys, they can run on ANYONE!
Win or lose, our time with the NFC North will either make or break this team.
If Raiders can split with the NFC North, we win our division.
And we win the right to become a Good team in the NFL.

Raiders 2011 Week Ten: Chargers Bear the Brunt of Raider Fury!

Oakland Raiders VS San Diego Chargers

A fantastic game for all Raider fans. After demoralizing, season destroying losses of key players and management that would eradicate a lesser team, Oakland came out against anointed playoff contenders the Chargers. And WHIPPED their ass!
Raider Defense showed up BIG TIME and not only stuffed the run, they rushed the passer and SMACKED Philip Rivers non stop. EVERY commentator at every station and website had picked San Diego to win.
Raiders wasted ’em.
IF this defense shows up every game, we are in for one hell of a second half!
As for offense, this was the best quarterback play since Rich Gannon. As a new Raider fan I was utterly blown away seeing passes that were so sharp, so accurate and so perfect in form. Caron Palmer is the real thing. And our receivers are FINALLY holding onto the ball!
Mike Bush is a Raider BEAST running through everything the poor Chargers put up against him. Our two running backs can win ANY game if we keep playing like this!
Our run game was best in the league without much of a passing threat. Don’t look now but the Raiders are becoming something quite extraordinary.
I predicted playoffs for the Raiders in 2011.
I am believing now more than ever!
The AFCW team that survives the injuries, losses and brutal defeats without losing MENTALLY is the one that will survive this season of testing.
All four of these teams are going to SUFFER ever more.
Which will come out stronger and which will be obliterated?
Hue Jackson has NOT blinked yet…

Raiders 2011 Week Nine: Massive Collapse & Broncos Win in Oakland

Los Angeles Raiders Howie Long #75

Raiders are in free fall as the newly built team gets manhandled by Tebow’s offense.

Raider defense was holding the line, but 130 yards of penalties gave Broncos many, many fresh opportunities. Eventually they found their grove, and with numerous free 1st downs after being stopped, they ran roughshod over the Raider defense.

This game was a disgrace. We saved the Bronco’s season, resurrected a failed QB and nearly crushed our own playoff hopes all in one horrifying disaster.

The only bright note was to see new Raider QB Caron Palmer #3 step in and kick major ass in his first start. 3 touchdowns for the first time since Rich Gannon.  Can’t wait to see what he can do in his second start. Rookie receiver Denarious Moore has given up 5 of Palmers 6 interceptions. The kid will get better, and this offense will become insanely good. The only question is, when?

This season is slipping away before our very eyes!

The media and fans are hating Hue Jackson after two losses.

But we are only half way through….

Starting Over Again: Facing the Broncos at the Coliseum

Going against the Broncos in Week 1 was a huge test. Many called it a Must Win for the both teams to set their season going in the right direction.  Sure enough, the losing Broncos have had a terrible season and the Raiders who won that game are currently tied for first in the division.

Now at mid-season we face Denver again, at the Coliseum this time.  But the game will be dramatically different.

After the most tumultuous off season of any team in the NFL, Raiders have rebuilt in under two weeks to field a whole new team in the second half of the year.
It’s hard to imagine any team righting the ship after losing Hall of Fame GM, star running back, quarterback, with a new receiving corp, new backfield defense and a rookie head coach.
However, this is the Raiders we are talking about.
Hue Jackson bet ALL the chips on one last desperate double or nothing.
Raiders win in the playoffs this year or BUST!!!!

Expectations are HUGE for Carson Palmer the new QB. Coach Jackson led our team to a 28-0 loss to the Chiefs after clearly not preparing the team well enough. And our ball catchers COULDN’T hold onto the ball!

Once again, a MUST WIN against the Broncos. This game sets the course for the rest of the season. The challenges to this team have only just begun, defeating Denver in a major rivalry game is Mandatory if we want remain in contention for the playoffs.

If Denver wins, imagine the adulation for Tebow! In his first start he had a chance to begin his career with a massive win over a Huge rival team, but he failed. This year, he gets another chance, and you can bet Broncos are going to fight their asses off in this game.

The Raiders Quarterback: Jason Campbell

Los Angeles Raiders Quarterback Jim Plunkett #16

I became a Raider fan in 2009, after a lifetime of ignoring sports. Some say it was the worst time ever to join up. Jamarcus was QB. It was a horrible time. I don’t need to go into it.

But Jason Campbell came in 2010. And suddenly we had a whole new team. A committed, intelligent leader. A good football player. Tough, smart, could scramble for a few yards, and throw downfield when needed to keep defense honest. His play action was amazing. Combined with new OC Hue Jackson,  and an amazing run game, this team started to win some games!

Jason earned our trust and our gratitude. He saved us from Jamarcus and he brought some dignity back to a team that was beat down. A leader to rally behind and a good face for the franchise. We all owe thanks to Jason and he will ALWAYS be a Raider in my eyes!!!

If you told me at the end of last season Al would be dead, Jason in the hospital, our top draft picks spent, we lost 28-0 to the Chiefs, and yet still we were 4-3 I would have been in a state of shock!

And yet, somehow, this insane roller coaster is just life as a Raider fan. Every week something hits the fan. And yet Hue keeps betting everything that we can do this. And they CAN!!!

Last year Jason led us to DOMINATING the AFC West. Without him leading us this team is in shambles. Can new guy Carson Palmer take over with such short notice?

Is Hue a sheer genius or a megalomaniac madman?

I do not know. Yet.

But this team is NOT done yet…. The playoffs are in sight and our enemies are falling all over themselves to give up the division…

I want Jason Campbell to get healthy and stay with this team. His injury is PROOF that we need a good back up QB. Boller showed us that, unfortunately.  And he is one broken bone away from being the starter all over again.

Imagine having 2 decent QB’s on the same team!!?? No MORE Boller!!!!!!!! Let’s think outside the box and keep Jason Campbell with the Raiders !!!!

I want to see him to hoist the trophy in honor of Al….