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“The fire that burns brightest in the Raiders organization is the will to win.”

Oakland Raiders Hall of Fame Banner

These are the men who have lit the flame in honor of Al Davis so far.  Each who lights the flame brings a bit more power to the Nation, and win by win, we shall become unstoppable…. There are many more to come and each one is a piece of the puzzle… “WE SHALL WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS!” –Reggie McKenzie

Week 6 2011 vs Browns: John Madden

Week 8 2011 vs Chiefs: Jim Otto

Week 9 2011 vs Broncos: Freddy Biletnikoff

Week 12 2011 vs Bears: Jim Plunkett

Week 15 2011 vs Lions: Clem Daniels

Week 17 2011 vs Chargers: Mark Davis

Preseason Week 1 2012 vs Cowboys: Reggie McKenzie

Preseason Week 3 2012 vs Lions: Willie Brown

Week 1 2012 vs Chargers: Tom Flores

Week 3 2012 vs Steelers: Marcus Allen

Defeating the Black and Yellow

Oakland Raiders versus Pittsburgh Steelers

The Raiders2.0 Era has finally begun. After two unfortunate losses to start the season, the 34-31 victory in Week 3 over the Pittsburgh Steelers our team is finally coming together to forge a new identity after the passing of their greatest leader last year.

SO many great things happened in this game it’s impossible to recount. The run game got going, the passing game was rife with completions and our defense got the turnovers we needed. There were also so many areas that needed work, from lack of sacks, to lack of solid running that the team is far from at it’s peak.

The most important thing of all was the most improbable: No Raider penalties in the first half. Inconceivable and impossible as it seems, we only got 3 penalties in the game. The Curse is lifted at last and that in itself is the single greatest accomplishment of an Raider coach in the last 10 years.

In Raiders versus Steelers I noticed that Carson Palmer had a pretty good game, particularly in reading the defense. He seemed to have a good sense of their scheme, and awareness when they were closing in on him.  He was able to change the play call at the line, and set up successful plays, even in the redzone.

Oakland Raiders Defeat Pittsburgh Steelers

I suspect that part of this was due to his long familiarity with Steelers defense. He has played versus Steelers more than nearly any other QB in the game today, and since their defense is quite old, he knows the Pittsburgh players very well.  He knows their scheme to a T, and I think it served him well in taking Raiders to victory.

I wonder if that can be the key to winning against Browns and Bengals later in the season? And even. … The Ravens?

Oakland Raiders Tim Brown #81 and Jerry Rice #80

Who knows, for now we relish the victory over the hated Steelers and the beginning of a new chapter in Raider history.