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Raider Defensive End: Khalil Mack #52

Khalil Mack #52 has not yet realized his potential. On a relative scale, as a pass rusher, he’s still raw and developing. He’s starting to show some nice counter moves to the inside and his natural agility and explosive hand strength allows him to explode into blockers and to stunt very well. But he’s not yet able to finish, to totally clear his blocker and get to the QB. His outside pass rush is still a work in progress and until that becomes a deadly weapon, he won’t be the devastating pass rusher Raiders‘ fans envision”

Raider Right Tackle: Menelik Watson #71

Menelik Watson #71 had a great game from the right tackle spot. First and foremost, he didn’t give up a pressure. He also didn’t have any penalties. And to top it off, he laid a key block that got Latavius Murray #28 into the end zone for the Raiders‘ only touchdown of the game”

Raider Running Back: Latavius Murray #28

“Murray carried the ball 4 times for 20 yards and a touchdown. He just looks more and more like the answer the Raiders have been looking for at the running back position.”

Raider Quarterback: Derek Carr #4

“There was no instruction manual detailing how to handle 10 straight losses to start a pro career or stay above water in tidal waves of change, with three head coaches and two offensive schemes in 12 months. Yet here he stands, on the verge of a second season as Raiders quarterback, confident as ever that this is the start of something great.”

Raider Safety 2002-3 Rod Woodson #26

Raider Safety Rod Woodson #26: 71 interceptions for an NFL- record 1,483 career return yards…Also collected 2,362 yards on punt returns… Scored 17 career touchdowns…Holds NFL record with 12 interception returns for touchdowns.

Operation: Decapitate Donks

Jack Del Rio– studied the entire Bronco org inside and out, including all Offensive strengths and weakness over a three year period. Hired by Mark Davis specifically on his promise to Win this division.

Ken Norton– his linebacker was MVP after his defense demolished DEN in the superbowl.

Billy Musgrave & Mike Tice – nothing special, but known for solid run game.

Operation: Decapitate Donks is now in progress. Prepare thine anguses for Week 5. Our whole staff is designed for one purpose: to dethrone the broncos. and trample their corpse.

The Raiders are 56-136 since 2002

“The Raiders haven’t made the playoffs since 2002, and are 56-136 with nine head coaches since then.”