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In 2011 Terrelle Pryor received a call from Al Davis

2013_Pryor_TerrelleOn Aug. 17, 2011, following the third round of the NFL Supplemental Draft, Terrelle Pryor received a call from Raiders iconic owner Al Davis. “You’re going to be a star,” Davis said.”It’s going to be a tough couple of years,” Davis, then 82, told Pryor, then 22. “Keep plugging away. You’re going to be successful. I believe in you.”

“I believe in my ability,” Pryor declared. “And I’m going to prove him right. … I’m tired of hearing that I have potential. I want to reach it. … I had to look at myself in the mirror.” The offseason saw the Raiders trade Carson Palmer (“a mentor to this day,” Pryor said). Meanwhile, Pryor was working his butt

“You could see it on the film,” Pryor said. “Every time I give the ball to Darren, every linebacker scraped over to me. There were holes left for Darren.”I ask him what Davis would’ve said.

“You could see it on the film,” Pryor said. “Every time I give the ball to Darren, every linebacker scraped over to me. There were holes left for Darren.”

I ask him what Davis would’ve said.

“Just win, baby,” Pryor said. “We won.”

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Raiders 2013: Bring It On!

media_aea55c62b9594ffc84ff9ba387407db5_t607Look, going into the season riddled by injuries, with an untested QB, a previously unproductive star player in McFadden, and a defense that gave up scores on 16 out of 18 drives in the preseason isn’t a picture of perfection.

But here are Five Reasons that Raiders will make great strides this season, and earn a playoff berth in 2013.

1. Darren DMC McFadden #20.  We all know what he can do. If Sparano can’t get him going, no one can. This man can break open the run game and greatly take the pressure off of Raider first year starting QB Terrelle Pryor.

2. Terrelle The Last Disciple Pryor #2.  Disgraced Ohio State Rose Bowl Champion, the final draft pick of the legendary Al Davis and the final hope of the Raider faithful, young TP2 has HUGE potential as an NFL player. Combined with his charisma, patience and work ethic this guy can pick up and carry this team.

3. The Power Block: Putting Pyror, Reece, McFadden, Ausbury, Ford and Moore all together on the field creates more speed than a KC meth factory.  With the new blocking scheme in place run by veteran OC Greg Olson these guys can score points. HallofFame2011 083

4. Sack and Destroy: Improved backfield including Raider Prodigal Son Charles Woodson #24, with solid linebackers and neck hunting Lamar Houston #99 up front, Raider Defense has the potential to transform into something extraordinary over the course of this year. Give them time to gel, a few lucky breaks and watch them engulf our enemies in flames.

TheRaiders 0095. Special Sauce: The only bright spot on a meaningless 1-3 preseason, Coach April’s new ST is making an impact on every level. Kick coverage is strong, and Jacoby Ford #12’s 60+ yard kick return was a preview of what may become a very strong aspect of the Raiders 2013 attack. Combine that with the greatest kicker of all time Sebastian Seabass Janokowski #11 and the hard kicking punter Marquette King #7 and our rivals will be scrambling to field the ball as Silver & Black swarms them into a rout.

Only through the fire of battle do the weak become strong. The 2013 Raiders must use every resource to eke out close wins, and drive a spike through the heart of their opponents. Yes, the Broncos are set to win the division by every possible estimation. But a strong Raider effort and good coaching can lead us to the wildcard and from there to glory.