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1982: Resentment Focuses on Al Davis

From the New York Times 1982: “Resentment focuses on Al Davis, managing partner of the football club, who pushed the move to LA. ”I’m glad he’s leaving,” said Ken Prete, 29, a house painter. ”If that’s how Al Davis is, then good riddance to him. With the right management we can always get another team here to love.”

Skip Ulrich, 35, who parks cars on game days, said, ”If Al Davis leaves, he will really be blowing it. The fans here are really dedicated to the team. They have sold out the stadium in Oakland for years. How could they be more faithful anywhere else?”

”Loss of the Raiders,” he said, ”would be like losing a son or a daughter that you raised since infancy, like having him snatched away.”

Oakland Raiders VS Dallas Texans 1961

Oakland Raiders VS Dallas Texans

“The stands sit empty as Raiders quarterback Tom Flores #15 throws a pass on Sept. 26, 1961, at Candlestick Park.”

Derek Carr #4 headed to Pro Bowl

Raiders’ Derek Carr #4 is headed to Pro Bowl. Through two seasons, Carr’s 53 touchdown passes are the second-most in NFL history for a second year player.

Raider Owner: Mark Davis

While it’s hard to imagine him actually leaving town this year, Mark Davis would make no commitment to staying.

“I don’t know where we will be,” he said. “America, the world is a possibility for Raider Nation.”

Raider Stadium: The Coliseum

The idea of the Raiders returning to L.A. is not popular among many owners.

A consensus is building within the league for the St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers to share a stadium in Inglewood. Multiple league officials and owners not involved with the project say there is momentum to pair the two franchises in what one owner describes as a “transformational” project backed by the Rams.

Raider Coach 2010-11: Hue Jackson


Hue Jackson and I chuckled at during our dinner Thursday night: Unable to hire his own defensive coaches after accepting the Raiders‘ job before the 2011 season — that was handled by Al Davis, the legendary owner whom Jackson revered — the head coach was prepared to make a big change had he returned for a second season in Oakland. Given that the Raiders would have made the playoffs if not for several defensive collapses late in the season, Jackson planned to fire defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan.

Jackson’s choice to replace him?

Jack Del Rio,” Jackson said, smiling broadly. “I had him locked in and everything. I think we would have worked really well together.”

Raiders End Season 7-9

“In the first half of the season, Derek Carr #4 was sacked just 8 times. In the second half of the season he was sacked 23 times.”

Raider Safety: Charles Woodson #24

“Though this is my last game at the Coliseum, just know that I will never leave you.”

Raiders beat Chargers to advance to 7-8.