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The End…. (until next year)

Well, a sad season came to a crashing halt with a loss to San Diego in Week 17. Strange how it all fell apart. How could we lose with a great QB in Palmer and a great RB in McFadden?2002Raiders 018

Unlike last year which was chaos with death, injuries and firings, this year was a slow, boring, quiet collapse. Coaching uninspired and weak. Players confused and out of place. Special teams horrible, and anytime offense played well defense choked horribly.

Finally the defense got it together, but then the offense went to sleep we went two games without a single touchdown!

Then something funny happened.. Terrelle Pryor took the field at QB and everything changed. Three Raider touchdowns!!!

This young man was exciting, capable, smart and played a damn good football game.

Without SD running a touchdown in on the opening kickoff (just like last seasons finale) TP6 would have won this game for the Raiders.

After the loss Terrelel’s first statement was that he couldn’t wait to get back and go over film with Carson. That tells me this guy is doing it right, training, learning and improving his skills with each passing day.

I was in Cleveland when Jason Campbell went to the hospital, and my wife’s uncle said “Put Pryor in, he can win for you, he’s ready NOW!”MoreRaiders 001

Since that time I’ve been calling for Terrelle to get on the field, at WR, TE, punt returner, hell place holder! ANYTHING!

And when his time came he did not disappoint.

Now that Knapp is gone, we have a chance. Dennis Allen and Reggie McKenzie need to WAKE THE FUK UP! Take this Raider team back to where it belongs. Play Raider football!

In 2010 we weren’t losers anymore.

In 2011 we tried to build a bully.

In 2012 we tried to play smart, tough, disciplined football. But it wasn’t enough.

The front office is our weakest link, until we have an EXCELLENT front office, the men on the field cannot succeed. Mark Davis has is work cut out for him and I hope and pray, along with all Raider fans that he gets the job done.

Now the offseason begins and the rebuild continues.

See you next year folks, and don’t forget:


70sRaiders 005