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First Raider Game at the Coliseum

Raider Linebacker: Malcom Smith #53

It was the third play of the game in Week 7 and TJ Carrie #38 defended a pass that was tipped right into the waiting arms of Smith who returned it 23 yards to the two-yard line, just barely missing out on a pick six.

The Raiders scored two plays later and it was the launching point for an outright demolition of the Chargers with the Raiders holding a 37-6 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

Along with the interception, Smith led the team in tackles (11).

Raider General Manager: Reggie McKenzie #54

“You knew you had to take the punches when you’re not winning,” Reggie McKenzie said of the first three seasons.

“The key was really looking at the big picture, not get so down on myself and the team at that point knowing what was ahead of me. It wasn’t easy. I’m used to being in the playoffs. I haven’t been since I’ve been here. That’s the goal.’’

“I didn’t let the present dictate my future goal for this team. I didn’t want to put band-aids on situations. That wasn’t the plan, and I am glad I stuck to the big picture and didn’t fall into that trap.”

AFC Defensive Player of the Month

Charles Woodson #24 never stops amazing. It seems the older he gets, the better he becomes. As if to prove a point, on the same month Woodson turned 39, he has been named AFC Defensive Player of the Month.”

The Raider Quarterback: Derek Carr #4

The best part is our guy is a complete boyscout, choir boy, goodie two shoes. Mr optimism and unrelenting cheerfulness. Grandma’s love him and he sends xmas cards to the refs.  Even at the 0-10 press conference his confidence was nearly delusional. 6-6 since that moment and improving by the game. Imagine year 2 in the same offense. AFCW will be a bloodbath as Raiders dominate for the forseeable future. And your’all’s guys are crumbling to dust.

Raiders reach .500 in Week 7

Derek Carr #4 is 6-6 since the disastrous losing streak that began his rookie season. Even under his third head coach in 1.5 years, he has grown by leaps and bounds, heading for the NFL’s top ten.

Raider Wide Reciever: Amari Cooper #89

Derek Carr #4 threw three touchdown passes, including a nifty 52-yarder to Amari Cooper #89, and Oakland turned two interceptions of Rivers into 10 points in what could be the last showdown between the AFC West foes played in San Diego.
Cooper, the first-round draft pick out of Alabama, caught a short pass from Carr on an inside screen and raced through the defense to give the Raiders a 30-3 lead just before halftime. He finished with five catches for 133 yards and a touchdown.

Raider Defensive End: Aldon Smith #99

Oakland scored four touchdowns and three field goals on its opening seven possessions. Ten of those 37 points came off two Philip Rivers interceptions. San Diego gained 15 yards or fewer on six of its first seven possessions.

But the air surrounding this franchise Sunday in its deflated, decrepit sphere of a stadium sure did not inspire. It would’ve taken a search unit to locate any discernible San Diego presence at Qualcomm Stadium for much of the afternoon, be it on the field or in the stands.”

Week 7: Raiders Move to 3-3 with a 37-29 win at San Diego

“The Raiders made themselves right at home in San Diego. They had the fans. They had the momentum. Shoot, they even had the music. Chargers players saw them congregate pre-game on their painted white helmet at the 50-yard line, stomping on it, but whatever offense they could take became indefensible after the start to a 37-29 loss.

So much for home-field advantage.

The Raider Stadium: Frank Youell Field

Denver Broncos vs Oakland Raiders:

Frank Youell Field, December 15, 1963.
Note: Flag is at half mast in memory of President Kennedy.