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Raiders VS Bills TEH REMATCH!

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Raiders VS Bills Lifetime: Series tied 19-19-0


Terrelle Pryor #2 -The Greatest Touchdown Run in History

From the Hall of Fame: Terrelle Pryor #2 -The Greatest Touchdown Run in History

The Lombardi Trophy

Hall of Fame Self Portrait

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Pro Football Hall of Fame: Warren Sapp #99

From the Hall of Fame: Raider’s newest HOF member Warren Sapp #99.

“He literally looked like he had never held a football before.”

“Four days after he was chosen by the Raiders, Pryor arrived in Napa, just in time for the final day of camp.

In that one day of practice, he looked worse throwing the football than I have ever seen from a quarterback in an NFL practice. His passes either wobbled, sailed, floated, died or some combination of those. I counted exactly ONE pass the entire day that was an on-target spiral. He literally looked like he had never held a football before.”

“Terrelle Pryor trotted onto the field to take his first snap as an NFL player. He set up behind center on a called sneak and started to lean forward before the ball was snapped. He was called for a false start and then came off the field not to return.”

Raider Quarterback 2006, Aaron Brooks #2

“But, things got off to a bad start – Aaron Brooks #2 was sacked seven times in a 27-0 season-opening loss to the San Diego Chargers – and never really got better.  ”

“By the time the season ended, Brooks never won a game, going 0-8 as a starter, while throwing three touchdown passes, and eight interceptions. He was also sacked 26 times in his eight starts.”

Raider Offensive Guard 2012-2013, Mike Brisiel #65

After recovering a fumble, Arizona Cardinals‘ Clark Haggans (53) fumbles his recovery as Oakland Raiders‘ Mike Brisiel (65) knocks the ball away.

Brisiel was a hard-nosed player originally signed in 2012 to be part of a zone-blocking scheme formally abandoned last season. Brisiel was a consistent member of the line, but he struggled with injuries and his value didn’t match a contract that ranked second on the team among returning Raiders players.

Mike Brisiel #65, appeared in 15 games for Oakland last season and was rated by Pro Football Focus as the No. 43 guard in the league.