2016 Raiders Week 2: Loss

Raider defense gave up over 500 yards in this loss a week after giving up over 500 yards in last week’s win. They also gave up 35 points this week after giving up 34 points in the opener.

2016 Raiders Week 1: Win


Derek Carr #4 threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to Seth Roberts #10 and a 2-point conversion pass to Michael Crabtree #15 with 47 seconds left as the Oakland Raiders defeated the New Orleans Saints 35-34 on Sunday afternoon in the  Superdome.

Raider Quarterback: Derek Carr #4

“After going back and watching all 573 of Carr’s passes and his remaining dropbacks from 2015, after looking at the statistics, I switched sides. The Raiders might want to start worrying about the face of their franchise… Note the 40-point drop Carr saw in his QB Rating over the final five weeks of the season (101.5 in games 1-11, 71.1 in games 12-16).”

Raider Cornerback: TJ Carrie #38

TJ Carrie #38 allowed just 23 catches on 40 targets over 250 Slot Cornerback snaps last season while also playing a good bit of safety. Carrie is a big guy (6 ‘0″, 206) with 4.4 speed who uses angles and aggressiveness to get things done.”

He ended the season as the eighth-highest-graded QB in the league

“Meanwhile, Derek Carr #14’s improvement was massive. Every aspect of his game took a step up, and this was visible both on tape and in the numbers. He ended the season as the eighth-highest-graded QB in the league when looking at passing alone, and the 10th-highest overall.”

Las Vegas Raiders

““It’s really a tremendous opportunity,” Mark Davis continued. “A fresh start in a growing market that’s easily accessible to areas of the country that are hot-beds for Raider Nation. But not just that, we want to be a member of the community. We want to build a strong, local fan base, and we believe we’ll do just that. And when people think about Las Vegas, it won’t just be for entertainment and vacations and casinos. They’ll think about the Raiders. The Las Vegas Raiders. That’s a game-changer in so many ways.””

Raider Linebacker: Khalil Mack #52

“That Khalil Mack #52 is one of the best players in the league should come as a surprise to nobody. He was sensational against the run as a rookie and, while he didn’t dominate as a pass rusher, he certainly made a big enough impression as a first-year pro in that regard. That’s where he stepped up in 2015, though, becoming one of the most devastating defenders in the NFL, wrecking offensive gameplans and hunting down quarterbacks.”

From Pro Football Focus