The Oakland Raiders 1964


The Oakland Raiders 1965


“The Patriots’ fumble rate was 42 touches per fumble from 2000 through 2006. That was about the league average. Since 2007, however, that rate has dropped dramatically, to 74 touches per fumble. Over that time, the Pats are the best team in the NFL at holding onto the ball, even including dome teams.”

Raiders 2015 Schedule


The Curse of Todd Moronovich Has Finally Been Lifted

Raider Head Coach Jack Del Rio actually game planned against Carr twice last year. If he thought the QB was the Raiders weakest link, guess what, he would be the first one clamoring to get rid of Carr, not the first one saying how special, unique or high his ceiling is.

Derek Carr #4 went from a spread offense to playing under pressure (which pundits said he would never be able to do) and succeeded despite continuous pressure (his other major knock). He spread the ball around and demonstrated an ability to go through progressions (Kaepernick still can’t do) and also flashed elite arm talent.

Most importantly, he made good decisions, grew as the season went on and flourished in adversity rather than quaking.”

From Silver and Black Pride

Three Long Years…

Three Long Years…

Peyton Manning #18  is 6-0 against the Raiders as a Bronco.

Raider Placeholder 2014: Matt Schaub #8

Matt Schaub #8:  57 total yards, 0 TD’s, 2 Fumbles and 2 Interceptions.


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