The Raider General Manager: Reggie McKenzie

Raider GM, Reggie Mckenzie named Executive of the Year 2016.

Vic Tafur ✔ @VicTafur

Reggie McKenzie wants “to hold the trophy. That’s the next step.”

2016 Raiders Wild Card Playoff: Loss

Without Derek Carr #4, the Raiders never really stood a chance against the Texans, losing 28-14.

Raiders Playoffs Wild Card Round

“Now, here is the Raiders’ most important game since 2002. Now, the Raiders’ fate hinges on how well Connor Cook #8 can impersonate Derek Carr #4.

He doesn’t have to be dead on. But he’d better be passable.

Optimism is rare outside of the Raiders locker room: “Oakland will not score a point,” an NFL talent evaluator told ESPN.

2016 Raiders Week 17: Loss

Connor Cook #8 completed 14 of 21 passes for 150 yards, with one touchdown & one interception and lost a fumble in a loss to the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

League MVP: Derek Carr #4

Derek Carr #4 – 28 TDs, 7Ints. Fewest turnovers of any QB in the NFL. Proven CLUTCH player with comeback win after comeback win after comeback win in the 4th quarters. Brady missed 4 games. Matt Ryan has an all-world WR & plays in a dome. Aaron Rodgers did it for 1/2 a season. There, literally, wasn’t a better QB in the NFL this year & its not even close.”

2016 Raiders Week 16: Win

The Oakland Raiders held on for a 33-25 victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday at Oakland Coliseum, but the win came at a huge cost.

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr #4, who threw three touchdown passes, left the game with 10:55 remaining in the fourth quarter after breaking his right fibula.


Division Rival: Denver Broncos

So much for the vaunted World Champs. The unbeatable Bronco #OrangeMagic finally ran out of dumb luck. Oakland Raiders had the worst 14 year streak in pro history and you bums managed to win one trophy. Big deal. Now we will stack up 3 more Lombardi Trophies before you’ve even had a chance to catch your breath. So enjoy it for another month but plan to land back in second place where you donkeys belong.