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WANTED: For the Murder of Raider Nation

mark-davis-oakland-move-finalI’m tired of appeasing some of these local jerkoffs. They’ve spent years telling me to fuck off because I’m not an Oakland native and now I’m supposed to bend over backwards to worry about their feelings?

Mark Davis has handled this situation wonderfully all the way around while the city of Oakland’s approach has been and continues to be idiotic. Just sue, baby.

by 80sR8dr

▼Grow a pair
I’m sure less than 20% of raider fans are in the Bay Area. We are a world wide brand not just Oakland and surrounding cities. Stop being selfish and crying because anothe city ponied up the funds. It’s a business and mark Davis has to make money. Be mad that’s fine, but be mad at the city of lies not Vegas or Davis. I’m super excited to be getting a state of the art stadium in the entertainment capital of the world. I’ve been to Oakland and LA, now Vegas. I am a fan of our raiders not a fan of a city. RAIDER NATION BABY!!

by R8dr4lfe

Libby Schaaf thank you for sitting on your hands for two years instead of dealing with the Oakland Raiders,and then coming up with this letter at the end to try and save the day. You and your liberal constituents cost the City of Oakland the Raiders.

Posted by Otis_Sistrunk60 on Mar 29, 2017 | 11:42 AM

I thought you weren’t

Going to be a fan anymore if they left? You said it 500x so why are you posting now? Just to bash MD s great guy who did everything he could to stay short of losing his inheritance ??
Stick to your word and go

Posted by Realspaingold2 on Mar 29, 2017 | 7:57 PM

The Coliseum in Oakland

Was so rocking and popular they had to tarp off Mount Davis because they couldn’t sell enough seats and would be blacked out on TV… people need to get a grip Oakland couldn’t support this team. I bet they won’t tarp off any seats in Las Vegas.

Posted by ATX Raider

So it is like the Raiders are that dumb wife that comes back after years of abuse because the husband promises change. Then 18 years of the same old husband beating her and treating her like crap (but there are kids involved so she tries to make it work) and eventually a billionaire comes along and gives her a mansion and treats her well and promises her everything she has ever wanted. Only time will tell if that billionaire can live up to that promise.

Posted by jameswyatt on Mar 30, 2017 | 4:59 AM

Why is this board so Anti-Oakland?

Do mostly LA Raider fans patrol this board or what?

Posted by The Bash Bro’

what I see is you being anti-Raiders, trolling this board since the decision.

If it bothers you that much, just do something else with your time. Move on, already. I’m sure baseball season is about to start up and going by your srcreen-name, that’s something you like.

Posted by njccc


And despite the millions of Oakland residents who support this team, I hate to tell you, you’re outnumbered by non-residents. (Sidenote: do people from the suburbs of Oakland consider themselves Oakland residents and then do actual citizens of Oakland get outraged by that?) Raider fans are everywhere. Our booster clubs are everywhere. We travel everywhere. Vegas will be no different than any other city. When the Raiders win, we’ll pack the stadium. When times are lean, the Donkey fans will buy up our seats and play an extra home game.

Posted by Couturier’s Beard

Though LV also won’t be able to recreate the tarp, dirt infield, or sewage problem.

LV is a better deal for the whole franchise and we will be better off. I don’t get why you guys are so pussed at Mark when AL and Amy couldn’t get a stadium either. MD doesn’t have to wait for scraps when he can get a better deal. You’re spewing hate for the sake of spewing hate. If you can’t support the team, move on.

Posted by Mdchris24 

I’m just sick and tired

Of some of the local Bay Area fans (not all) that come on here/ social media and cry, bitch, and complain about how the move is affecting only them and Fuck Mark Davis this, Fuck the Traitors that. That they are the Raiders and the Raider tradition. Acting like they were the only ones that showed up on Sundays to support the team even when they were a steaming pile of shit .

Posted by Emperor7

MD was only choosing between 1 option and that option wasn’t from the home city?

You did see Libby gloating less than 1 hour after the owner vote by taking down old glory and hoisting up the A’s flag didn’t you?

by The Ghost of Dr H

Shut The Fuck Up Davieby The Ghost of Dr H

Good bye Libby Schaaf you are pathetic!

Posted the day after like she had won something? Hello in there! Raiders are still playing in Oakland for 2 to 3 years. What a loser!by Runamuck

 We have Local fans creating post after post about how they are done, they quit, not my Raiders. All the OP is saying get it all out, then get the hell out if that’s what you choose to do. One thing you aren’t going to do is drag my team through the mud. Oakland, I wish the team could have stayed, but YOUR city had years to get their shit together. The leadership is a joke and they don’t give a shit about the Raiders.

by 80sR8dr

either support them or say your goodbyes as my Fanpost suggests you do. Then fade away…I won’t apologize for not living in Oakland. I spend more money on tickets, hotels, and other aspects of following my squad than many Oakland residents. Kiss my ass dude. You lost part of your identity in Oakland because the city is poor and can’t afford the team. Warriors leaving as well. Why? You can be proud of being in Oakland all you want.

by adubpcola

This site is loaded with a clique of fucking idiots

What all these Local Bitter Oakland fans need to remember is what it was like from 2004-2010 at home games. .These so-called Oakland fans just didn’t show up! When the going was tough, never showed up….So cry me a river Oakland. You account for probably 1/100th of the total fanbase, and that is a conservative estimate at best.

by GreeneWolfe11

libby is a lying twofacedwhore.

by MayhemMacRaider

The Death of Raider Nation


Also I Love how this bullshitting liar of a mayor keeps saying what the raiders need and can do with lol……
If I was Mark I’d never ever return her call either. She believes her own hype and press clippings. She thinks her vision and ideas are what’s best for everyone.
This should be insulting to anyone who lives in Oakland and cares if they stay.

Posted by Realspaingold2


It has been and will always be lip service with that dumb cunt

Posted by raider_nashaun

She’s playing for the vote

It’s pretty obvious. “No one can say i didn’t try. I even said a swear word.”

Posted by HarbingerNo9 on Mar 25, 2017 | 4:04 PM

Libby is completely full of shit. Who knows what might of happened if Oakland had a mayor that honestly put an effort into keeping the Raiders? Now we have to hear her spout out all this bullshit in the 11th hour.

Posted by VaporTrails2
But Oakland IS getting represented by Mayor MILF. The majority of the city is fine with the Raiders gone. No matter how vocal the unsilent minority protests, the demographics of Oakland are changing. And the gentrified incoming base is wealthier and hipster and couldn’t care less about pro football. They want other things for that land to be used for. This is political cover for Libby, no matter what anyone wants to believe.

Sorry if the truth is unpleasant, bro. Whose fault in Oakland is the crime? You and Libby would say White conservatives, I’m sure.

Everybody but the Democrats is to blame, naturally. God forbid they ever take responsibility for the destruction their policies create

Posted by AlzadoKnows on Mar 25, 2017 | 8:26 PM

Neither are you, future Niner fan

You really ought to head over there and start bonding with them before one of us figures out a way to punch you through a computer screen

Posted by AlzadoKnows on Mar 25, 2017 | 9:55 PM

You’re a lying bitch trawling for votes, but I’d still rail you like a drunken prom date.
DR, the only bitch here is the one whining about insults and besmirched honor to a fucking politician. Some words of wisdom, the world abounds in cunt of every kind, including hers.

Posted by ZombieFlanders

Bitch full of shit

I’d still fuck her though

Posted by (finger) on Mar 25, 2017 | 4:16 PM

Lol, someone got triggered. Fuck off to the Niners blog, you whiny fuck.

David, never ever leave the Bay Area. Seriously. We don’t want you. You understand that this whiny SJW shit is the reason everyone hates Californians, right?

Posted by AlzadoKnows on Mar 25, 2017 | 7:30 PM

You’re a virtue signalling bitch. AKA a snowflake.

Oh, and boo hoo! There’s no girls posting on S&BP. What a fucking bitch you are. We don’t need them, you’d just be white knighting them every time they got into an argument with someone because you don’t believe in true equality, you believe in the feminist “special treatment at their discretion” bullshit. Fuck that, and fuck you.

Oh and Libby Schaaf needs to be in porn rather than running a semi-important sorta-major city. She’s more qualified for that, I think.

Posted by AlzadoKnows on Mar 25, 2017 | 8:45 PM

I didn’t want to deal with you either but since you’ve been spamming every relocation post with your bullshit, I can’t help myself

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Every time you post shit that’s critical of fans outside of Oakland or pretending like the historically inept city of Oakland isn’t to blame for losing the Raiders AGAIN, I’m going to be up in your face like an angry coach. Enough is enough

Posted by AlzadoKnows

Yeah, Mayor MILF can get it

Posted by torindorn4life on Mar 25, 2017 | 5:42 PM

Don’t mind David, he got lost on his way to Santa Clara

Dave, do you need directions?

Posted by AlzadoKnows on Mar 25, 2017 | 7:31 PM

Libby is full of shit and represents what’s wrong with this country

The first thing she does when she is elected is promote the LGBT into a prominent position of power. BUT when it comes to the Raiders, a real revenue source for the city of Oakland and county of Alameda she pretends to go through the motions and cries foul at the end.

Posted by Otis_Sistrunk60

Finally a lot if level headed opinions

In here besides all the biast Oaklandites thinking with their hearts and not heads. This proposal is a last ditch effort ,save face and should be a slap in the face of the Raiders organization. How long did the city have to try and work with the Raiders? Now all the sudden it’s important to them seeing the LV deal is real. Libby should be calling BS on herself for dicking around so long

Posted by MoValRaider

Raiders stadium update: Don’t forget about Oakland

The JR Report

Photo via Marcio Jose Sanchez (AP Photo)

With the NFL owners vote only a few days away (expected to be Monday), everyone believes this to be the last few days of the “Oakland” Raiders existence.  Despite the local media being skeptical of the move, the national media has run away with the idea that the Raiders are guaranteed to leave Oakland.

However, everyone needs to calm down. Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf has released a detail stadium plan, with drawings of the stadium development, and a plan on how Oakland will resolve every issue that the NFL has brought to their attention from the prior stadium plans.

We will have to see what the NFL thinks about these plans made by mayor…

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