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Raiders 2016 Week 8: Win

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr #4 finished with a team-record 513 yards on 59 pass attempts, but he gained more than half of those yards on just seven throws, in a 30-24 OT win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


With NFL-worst 23 penalties in the game, Raiders won on the road in overtime

1966 We gotta fix the penalties

1976 Oakland is killing themselves with penalties

1986 Raiders have to clean up the penalties

1996 It’s on Oakland to fix these penalties

2006 Record penalties on the Raiders

2016 We gotta fix these penalties

2026 Oakland is killing themselves with these penalties

Raider Punter: Marquette King #7


“For those keeping score, that’s 20 points on two field goals, a touchdown, and a potential touchdown the other way which Marquette King #7 was directly responsible. He finished averaging 54.6 yards per punt on five punts and an astounding 50.6 yard net”

2016 Raiders Week 7: Win

Along with his 27-yard run on a bad snap, Raider Punter Marquette King #7 pinned the Jaguars inside their own 20 on four of his five punts. He also didn’t have a touchback, averaging 54.6 yards per punt with a long of 60 yards.

2016 Raiders Week 6: Loss

Oakland Raiders got beat soundly in a 26-10 home loss to the rival Kansas City Chiefs, and head coach Jack Del Rio said: “We got outplayed and outcoached”

2016 Raiders Week 5: Win


“Whatever the numbers, the mistakes, the breaks, the only thing that matters is to win, which on a warm autumn Sunday is exactly what the Raiders did, beating the Chargers, 34-31, and with a 4-1 record moving into a tie for first in the AFC West.”

The Raider Punter: Marquette King #7

“Since the start of the 2014 season, punter Marquette King #7 has placed 71 punts inside the 20 with just seven touchbacks.”

2016 Raiders Week 4: Win

“In his last 176 pass attempts, the Raiders quarterback Derek Carr #4 has thrown a single interception — on a tipped ball.”