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Raiders 2011 Week Seventeen: Unforgivable

Oakland Raiders Rich Gannon #12

Defense let us down. San Diego came to the Coliseum and walked all over the Oakland Raiders. We couldn’t make ONE STOP on third down the entire game. Not a single punt. Chargers marched downfield on every single drive as Raiders PATHETIC defense utterly failed.
The defensive unit led by Chuck Brez was a complete failure and cost us the season.
In years past Raider offense was a bigger issue. Now that we are capable of scoring some points, our defense was unable to stop a SINGLE DRIVE against San Diego.
The horror of watching Jamarcuss pass the ball has been replaced by watching Brez’s soft defense give up play after play after play after score after score after score.
Lead after lead surrendered and amazing efforts wasted.
And still we were within 5 points when we got the safety. That was taken away by the refs.
Critical penalty calls at just the right time to extend Charger drives were and always will be commonplace.
We should be in the playoffs now. No question in my mind, this is the best team in the AFC West just like last year. This team won the division, this team DESERVED the division. Until our defense lost it all.
Chuck B and the entire Defensive coaching staff should be fired and half the players on Defense need to go.
They may do well elsewhere, but they don’t belong here anymore. You guys let down Raider Nation in an unforgivable collapse and it won’t be forgotten. Or forgiven.