Game Day

Well, it’s almost time guys. Game Day. Sunday in the middle of Football Season. This precious time only comes once per year. So let’s set aside the politics, the chicks, the bbq, the gun rights rants, the political garbage and just focus on what really matters: The AFC West. And those four god damn teams who make hell of the NFL.  Let’s shout down some other teams shitty ass fans and generally scream at the TV until there’s nothing left. Let’s raise a glass now, because the off season is long. So very long.


About theoaklandraiders

Oakland Raiders fan since mid 2009, when I noticed the Raiders on TV during a visit to my wife's family in Ohio. By the end of the game versus the Bengals I had become a fanatical fan and haven't missed a game since... View all posts by theoaklandraiders

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