They Call Me Asassin, by Lester Hayes 1979 Part III

2002Raiders 046An Oakland Raiders training camp is hardly a stalag of sweat and torture.  Most of our practice sessions are held in a relaxed atmosphere. Some people think our system is questionable, but look at the game results.  The Raiders win more games than any other team in professional football, and that is a fact.

Al Davis started training camp by saying, “Pride and poise! That’s the answer! You’re Oakland Raiders wherever you go; whatever you do. Anybody who is ashamed of that can get on a plane and leave right now. You’re here to win! win! Win!”

In Denver we always stayed at the Continental Hotel and we always beat Denver and we always won our division championship.  I guess the Denver management has some superstitious blood too, because they took over the Continental and moved us out. The team never really liked staying there anyway, but Al Davis insisted that we beat Denver because we stayed at the Continental.  Last season Denver beat us twice and won the Division title for the first time in the history of their club. Al Davis went around scowling at everyone and saying “I told you so!”

I think that a perfect quarterback would have Kenny Stabler’s mind inside Terry Bradshaw’s body. I’m not taking a slap at Bradshaw’s mental capacity; it’s just a fact that Stabler is a physical wreck.  I admit, in a way, that I am also trying to say that Ken is a much better thinker than Bradshaw. Stabler is the type of quarterback who will look the situation over and remain cool through the heat. Bradshaw will make up his mind too quickly and sometimes be forced into mistakes.  I do believe the man is fast becoming one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL.Raiders 021

I would advise those of you who have never tried to tackle an Earl Campbell to be careful should the opportunity arise. Actually, I have always believed in seizing opportunity and I used to look forward to meeting Earl on the field of battle. Now, I believe it is sometimes better to surround opportunity rather than try to seize it.  Earl has as much balance and speed as OJ Simpson.  And he can be overpoweringly abusive or he can be very elusive.

Anytime I hear the term “defensive back”, I immediately think of our cornerback, Willie Brown. I guess that’s because I first heard about Willie when I was playing high school football, and then again when I played in college, and ever sine I’ve played in the NFL. Willie admits to thirty-eight or thirty-nine years, but sometimes I think he’s much older.Then, there are times when Willie swings into action and I think he is younger than he admits to being. Willie is one of those remarkable athletes who times seems to forget about, or at least it passes a little slower for them.  I think that now it has become a matter of experience rather than quickness, but still Willie Brown can stay with the youngest and quickest receivers.


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