They Call Me Asassin, by Lester Hayes 1979 Part I

“If ever a man did have a reason to complain about my style of play, it had to be Riley Odoms, a tight end with the Denver Broncos. During a game at Mile High, I leveled the best shot of my career against Riley. It was a clean hit, not a chap shot, but I was upset because I really thought I had killed the man…”

Raiders2 019“…I dropped back a few steps to give Riley the impression I had deep coverage. Riley saw me dropping off and made a quick move over the middle. Quarterbacks love to see that type of a situation and Charley Johnson wasted little time releasing the ball…When I felt I could zero in on Riley’s head at the same moment the ball arrived in his hands, I moved… I heard Riely scream on impact and felt his body go limp. He landed flat on his back, and the ball came to rest on his chest for a completion, but Riley’s eyes rolled back in his head and he wasn’t breathing.I had another KO, and maybe this time, I had even killed a man. God knew that I didn’t want something like that to happen.”

“…I have continued my style of play and have registered many more knockouts. I remember one game, against Denver, when the Broncos’ best running back, Floyd Little, took a hand off and swept around the end with a herd of blockers leading the way. As he turned the corner I was coming up fast. Floyd didn’t see me coming and there was a collision at mid-field, right in front of the Denver bench. I whipped my hook up under Floyd’s face mask and landed a solid shot flush on his jaw. Floyd looked like a magician practicing levitation just before all the lights went out.  His head snapped back, his feet straightened out, and the ball and one of his shoes shot into the stands. “

“The I could have pushed Floyd out of bounds, but instead, I hit him with everything I had to offer because if you just push a guy like FLoyd Little out of bounds, then he’ll start getting some bad ideas about you. Floyd would probably start thinking that I was soft, and that would lead to him wanting to take advantage of me. Before long every team in the NFL would be gunning their game plans at me, and when that happened the Raiders would get someone else, someone that would beat a running back out of bounds rather than give him a sissy push.”


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