Down with the Chiefs!

Raiders 015At last a Raider victory! A long, ugly streak of losses is over, with one long, ugly game at the Coliseum. Boring and predictable, not a single touchdown was scored, and Seabass was responsible for every point in the game for both teams.  But I’ll take a win and sweep vs KC any time…. That’s 5 out of the last 6 which is certainly what Raider fans like to hear.

However, overall we suck this year and that’s not what I was hoping to hear. I got to see the Week 14 game vs Denver at home and I even got up to the front row of the Black Hole for some facetime with the Donks. The lighting of the Al Davis Flame by Carole Davis and the Hall of Famers was inspiring. Unfortunately, Manning was as good as ever and we got whipped by a solid Bronco effort.

Seeing DMC coming right at me for a touchdown was memorable. But Broncs kneeldown at the 2 minute mark at the 10 yard line was hard to swallow. I felt that this Raider team has not lived up to our expectations and Dennis Allen has a lot of work to do. Another season like this will be a blackout fest.

In Week 15 against Kansas City the Al Davis Flame was lit by Raider Legend, Phil Villapiano, a hero to all Oakland fans.

Looking at our Offense, it’s pretty much just as good as it was last year. Not hall of fame, but decent. The only thing is Knapp and his horrible misuse of team’s weapons.  Dump him.2002Raiders 013

In terms of Defense, this game showed that Tarver’s schemes have potential. But if we dump him too I won’t be too sad.

As for “head coach” Dennis Allen, he better Wake the Fuck UP! This is a pro football team and they need to act like it. 10 Losses on the season is NOT what Raider Nation expects, no matter how bad the talent.  Allen better wise up, this is the biggest opportunity of his lifetime, and he can’t let it overwhelm him. Dennis WAKE UP!

So far I can only identify two bright spots: 1 is that we are beginning to reduce penalties consistently.

2 is that our defense showed a few flashes of how good they could be with consistency.

Other than that there are many reasons to see Allen’s term as a failure. This year has been an absolute disgrace.


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