One Final Stretch

Raiders Quarterback Rich Gannon #12

Going 0-4 in the third quarter of the season buried the 2012 Raiders. Our offense is weak and unable to sustain drives. We punted on our first four against the Browns. Our defense is #32 in the league giving opposing rookies breakout games every weekend. Our special teams cannot get past the 20 and missing the 61 yard field goal lost us the game yesterday.

But worst of all is the coaching. Even if our roster is poor and has low talent, the coaches have to work with what they have. And it’s extremely disturbing to see the pathetic performance of our offense, the total confusion on defense and the slow, listless play on special teams.

When they fired Cable I was bummed. When they fired Hue I was pissed. When they fire these coaches I won’t give a damn.

Oakland Raiders #81

Now the final stretch begins with a home game versus the division champs from Denver.  Does Dennis Allen get weak in the knees against his old boss? Can our defense drop ever further down against a Hall of Fame worthy quarterback?  Will Gregg Knapp find a way to score even less points than usual?

Now we will find out which players deserve to be on the roster next year. Because as of now, there’s only a damn few who deserve to be there.


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