The Raider Way

Raiders Tim Brown #81

“There are many ways to play,  you just have to pick one and put everything you have into it.”-Greg Papa on the radio.

Great teams find an identity, a philosophy a direction to follow.

A great GM then finds the right players and coaches that fit that particular style of play.

The Oakland Raiders do not yet have that identity, that belief system, that conscious purpose.

For 50 year Al Davis had his way, for better or worse, and he brought every single player here to play in that mold.  His way or the highway, critics be damned. And that’s how Raider Nation came into being, based on a team that won consistently for decade after decade, through ups and downs.

Al was right sometimes and wrong others. But always, relentless and consistent in seeking players to fit his scheme.

We are half way into the first year without Al Davis in nearly five decades.

We do not have an identity.

We do not have a direction.

We do not have a solid, stable, successful philosophy to guide us.

We are back to 1962, floundering, failing, losing just like before Al ever got here.

Los Angeles Raider Bob Chandler #85

In 2012, it’s Reggie’s turn. He is the ONLY one who can provide the direction, the teaching, the leadership and the foundation for guiding this team forward.

The strongest and most hopeful sign I’ve seen is the new discipline and intelligence of the team.  We aren’t playing stupid like before. We might be bad but we’re not dumb anymore. We are showing the NFL that we will now play the game and play by the rules.

The Raider Way cannot be changed or rewritten. But it can come to new life in a new way. The same poise, the same power, the same strength, the same Fire. But executed in a new way for a new era.

On paper Reggie McKenzie is the perfect guy for the job.

Results on the field will be his only judge.


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