Schooled by JMC the Raider Godfather

Raiders Defeat Titans

At an unnamed message board, I was recently addressed by a 50 year Raider fan JMC the RaiderGodfather. I was complaining about ref bias and he said that in reality, there is none. Based on all his years as a fan, he feels Raiders 2011 were deserving of the most penalties in history.
As an honest fan, I respect my elders and must accept his truth.

I have been schooled by the Godfather…

Raiders Godfather333


I do not feel the NFl has bias against the Raiders but I do feel they have been doing this for so long that they do not get the benefit of the doubt on close calls. The 2011 Raiders were not the sloppiest, stupidest, worse coaches, dirtiest and cheating-ist team in history to put it into your words. They were the most undisciplined team in NFL history last year which lead to them setting a new NFL record for penalties and that is a fact!

When I commanded soldiers I always told them that they were going to be their own best friend or worse enemy. Last year and for years this team has been its own worse enemy. They have killed themselves so many times on offense, defense and special teams because they have NO discipline! Until they do fix this they will never get back to the big dance, PERIOD!


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