2012 Raiders Season Prediction

Last year I guessed that 8-8 would win the division. I was only wrong about who it would be. And, it should have been.

Anyways, this year it looks like 9-7 will be needed to win the division, and this time I’m pretty sure I’m right who about the winner:

The Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders Jerry Rice #80

Many talking heads are saying that AFCW teams improved over the offseason but Raiders didn’t.

What they don’t see is that Raiders had WAY more room for improvement than the others. Yes, I respect Al, but the last decade was tough, we have a lot of catching up to do in our front office, systems and general approach to the game.

Reggie provides that in a way no one else could. We are now a 21st century organization, like it or not. And I think winning the division will be greatly liked by Raider Nation this year!

Raiders have been fighting the rest of the division with one hand tied behind their backs for a decade now. Old outdated systems, bottom of the barrel coaches, lousy marketing, etc. Our owner boycotted the league meetings! Absolute warfare with the NFL was the norm, and our penalties were the result of that.

And STILL Raiders were an inch from the division crown last season.

Now that we’ve caught up to the rest of the league organizationally, Raiders have a HUGE advantage over last years team, which makes them obviously the best pick for the upcoming year.

Last year was a painful experience. We lost Al, we lost our QB, we lost our RB, we lost our offense, our defensive coordinator lost his mind and we lost the division, even with an obviously superior team.

We have the same team, healthy, with a new front office and new place in the NFL.

This is the most optimistic and hopeful season I’ve experienced yet as a fan.

The AFC West rivals will wind up feeling the exact opposite by seasons end!

Raider Win AFC West Division Championship 9-7

Oakland Raiders #20, #13, #78


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