Raiders 2011 Week Sixteen: Sweet Revenge on the Chiefs!

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After seeing the loss to KC at the Coliseum in person this year, Week Sixteen’s match up had a personal stake for me.

After a season of struggle, I wanted to see Raiders clean up their penalty problem, improve on third down, get the running game going, stop the run on defense and quit giving up big plays. These issues have plagued the team all year, and Coach Jackson promised they would get fixed.
They didn’t…

An ugly rematch of last years overtime game, so many penalties refs were exhausted.

The missed passes, the blocked kicks, the fake kick called back, all the insanity of your average Chiefs/Raiders game.

But Oakland got the win and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

This game had Raider fans screaming their lungs out and when KC lined up for the game winning field goal, I knew it was over. But it wasn’t.

Somehow Richard Seymour blocked two kicks and saved this game.

DHB made the catch in overtime to set us up for the field goal, much as Jacoby Ford did last year. And of course Seabass with the clutch kick, sent the Raiders home victorious from Arrowhead.

Seems like every win this year has been down to the wire.
We began this year an average team. We’ve been trying to BECOME a good team.

It hasn’t happened yet. The same problems still plague us. There is still one game left in the regular season to change that and become a GOOD team.  Here’s hoping the Raiders make it happen!!!!


About theoaklandraiders

Oakland Raiders fan since mid 2009, when I noticed the Raiders on TV during a visit to my wife's family in Ohio. By the end of the game versus the Bengals I had become a fanatical fan and haven't missed a game since... View all posts by theoaklandraiders

3 responses to “Raiders 2011 Week Sixteen: Sweet Revenge on the Chiefs!

  • Jason Ramirez

    just wanted to say i love reading ur posts.. i dont get to watch the games till i get back to base and this past sat i got to watch a game with my familia 1st time doing that in 4 years.. so i was telling my mom about how i know the raiders are doing and she told me to let u know i’m a army ranger and i came home for the 1st time in 4 years its warmer here in cali then it is in germany so i came home.. once again thank u & if i get tickets to this coming game id like to buy u a beer on behalf of a majority of my platoon (i converted half to raiders fans via youtube highlights from the 70’s and 80’s) thnk you.. Master Sergeant J. Ramirez United States Army (Ranger)

  • theoaklandraiders

    Thanks for the comment, and thank you for your service.
    Raider fans are world-wide! I love to put my comments out there and put up some old school pictures I’ve dug up for this blog.
    Can’t make it to the Coliseum this weekend but you know we’ll all be watching this one.

  • Jason Ramirez

    still not use to the time change i’m use to being gone for the past 17 years 4 years since i’ve been home.. well sorry for the comment so early 0530 is 1830 in afhgan and when u request multiple tours back to back to back time change is hard.. but 2 bad ur not going to the game i got 6 men from our unit going 2 are flying in from back east and my old man and madre bought me a Bush jersy for the game i’ll wear it this once and put it away till i get back again (another 3 years i’ll hit 20 years then forced retirement at age 37 then take a DEA job overseas) once again thank you for the posts HOOAH! lol my dad is standing over me laughing he’s laughing that he signed me away when i was 17.. 17years ago and i can retire b4 he can with federal beni’s he’s gonna be 62 and laughs that the people i want a job with are the people who put him in federal prison.. still love my old man for doing what he did to me one more promotion and i’m an officer of the US ARMY from a fuck up kid at 17 and a private to 34 master sergeant i moved up quick

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