Raiders 2011 Week Twelve: Bashing Down the Bears

Los Angeles Raiders Matt Millen #55

Three in a row for the Oakland Raiders. Now that’s what I’m talking about!
This team is building up steam in the second half. Overcoming so many injuries and difficulties, they are starting to play their best here later in the season. And that bodes well for our chances of making the playoffs.
2-0 against the NFC North shows that Raiders are getting better at stopping the run, and at running against stiff pressure.
This team is still growing, improving and raising it’s level. Far from their peak.
Other teams are falling apart, and we are getting healthy..,.
Most IMPORTANTLY we are avoiding horrible penalties that ruined previous games. If Raiders keep playing without penalties, then we are going to DOMINATE!
Raider run game continues to rage against our enemies. Bush still runs them OVER!
Carson Palmers passing game continues to rip our opponents. We have SO much room to improve in this area, and Carson has just begun. His leadership, calls on the line and ability to lead the offense is going to take this team a long ways.
Shane Lechler and Sebastian Janokowski broke team records in this game. These guys are truly amazing. They put the Foot in football. I love to see them on the field making other teams fearful of Raider special teams.

Great to see Matt Forte, Devin Hester and other Bears pro bowl players shut out by Raider defense. A smart, careful, hard fought game against a tough foe.
Raiders seemed calmer, more poised in the first half. Usually they rush out on defense eager to intimidate, and get penalized. This time they kept it inside and just played solid ball, patient and cunning. That’s going to make this a better team.
This is the beginning of a new era in Raider football. Can you imagine when our coach has been on this team for 8 years building stability and strength? Our guy is a rookie and the Bears coach has 8 years on the team.
Hue Jackson is creating a new Raider team, and the spirit of Al Davis will provide the Will to WIN!!!


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