Raiders 2011 Week Eleven: Victory Over the Vikings

Oakland Raiders VS Minnesota Vikings

Another game with fans on the edge of their seats… Watching excellent play in the first half was a lot of fun. Vikings lost their top running back, just like us, so that was a big advantage to the Raiders. However the second half was a Raider meltdown, when the refs almost handed the games to the Vikings.

A few points: Refereeing was utterly horrible! This time Raiders coach Jackson exploded with frustration, calling out the officials for a horrendous game. How much longer does the league stomp on the Raiders giving our opponents every advantage? Their hatred of Al Davis goes beyond the grave.
Obviously Raiders need to clean up the small stuff, as they do commit many, many legit penalties. But we need to be extra observant, because we will ALWAYS be targeted more than others. Therefore we have to play even smarter than others and stop the ones we can. Because CONSANT personal fouls will be called on us game after game, decade after decade.

Our biggest test in the NFC NORTH is getting our team to stop the run. We stopped AP, and did well against his back up. Consider this one of the four lessons our team needed to learn. The other three teams will be harder, but the foundation is laid for beating the Bears. If we can split with the NFC North, Raiders will be in a solid position in our division race.

Secondly, we were able to run on a tough run defense. Raider standout Mike Bush, SMACKED his way through the Vikings spelled a few times by Taiwan Jones and matchup nightmare Marcell Reece. Excellent run blocking and running by the Raiders!

Carson Palmer develops as a QB. He’s not there yet but going 2-1 in his first three starts is better than expected. I can’t say enough about how exciting it is to have an excellent QB leading this team. #3 has the makings of a Raider legend!!!

Both sides of our team took big steps this week. But bigger tests come against the Bears… This season of testing continues and Raiders are still struggling. But the momentum is shifting our way and the season is still a long ways from over.


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