The Season of Testing Continues…

Oakland Raiders Quarterback Daryl Lamonica #3


I’m trying to remember how the hell we got in this mess…

20011 Raiders were designed by Al Davis and Hue Jackson to assassinate the AFC West.

Getting Jason Campbell at quarterback and  Hue Jackson as head coach were the final pieces of the puzzle.

The defensive line has talent, leadership. Aaron Curry to compliment Rolando McClain at linebacker. Cornerbacks Routt and Asomugha in the backfield with Safety Micheal Huff.

On offense we fill in the center with Wisniewski, with solid guys on either side. World class running backs, proven tight end Zach Miller in midfield and a young receiver corps eager to make plays.

Then a few things went wrong….

Aso’s contract voided itself due to his substandard play. Zach Miller split when he wasn’t offered enough cash.

The Death of Al Davis.

Then both Darren McFadden and Jason Campbell go out with injury.

Suddenly at midseason we are looking at an entirely different Raider team. No other team in the NFL has lost so many key players including our Hall of Fame commander. We have yet to feel the full repercussions.

Looking at this season beforehand I predicted that 8-8 would win the division and Raiders would hold the tie breaker. Based on AFC Wests tough schedule, generally shaky teams and the upswing in Oaklands talent, I predicted we’d take the division.

Now I don’t know what the to think! Try to look on the upside or not, we’ve been thrown in to chaos and this team is an inch away from totally losing control.

We knew this season was going to be HELL coming into it, and now we are at the midway point. There are more dark days ahead, and near misses, and horrifying losses.  Hue Jackson  is leading this team, through thick or through thin.  Beat up as we are now, this is only the beginning. AFC West teams are going to continue to shed players as they are tested through a brutal campaign. Jason is not the last high profile player for an AFC West team that will be lost this season!!!

Raiders will either collapse utterly or will be forged into possibly the best Raider team in a generation….


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Oakland Raiders fan since mid 2009, when I noticed the Raiders on TV during a visit to my wife's family in Ohio. By the end of the game versus the Bengals I had become a fanatical fan and haven't missed a game since... View all posts by theoaklandraiders

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