Raiders 2011 Week Seven: Demolished by the Chiefs

28-0. An historic and agonizing loss for the Raiders.

Sitting through this game at the Coliseum was brutality.

Nothing went right. Everything went wrong.

Injuries have consumed half our team.

Fire Kyle Boller now.

Oakland Raiders VS Kansas City Chiefs

Hue Jackson’s offense was in chaos.

Worst. Game. EVER!

I am a big fan of Jason Campbell to begin with, this game showed without question how important his leadership and conservative play has helped the Raiders.

Carson Palmer has hope, and there is a lot of reason to think he’ll do well for our team once he’s settled in.

Fire Boller and bring Jason in as #2 when he’s healthy.  We need both!

Bush was amazing as always. Defense only allowed one score per half, even though they were rife with injury.

I glanced up at The Flame and it was sputtering, wavering, getting angry…

Let the Bye Week come NOW!

And Forget this game ever happened!!!!!

We STILL Win this Division!!!

FU KC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About theoaklandraiders

Oakland Raiders fan since mid 2009, when I noticed the Raiders on TV during a visit to my wife's family in Ohio. By the end of the game versus the Bengals I had become a fanatical fan and haven't missed a game since... View all posts by theoaklandraiders

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