Raiders 2011 Week Five: Payback Hits the Texans

Oakland Raiders VS Houston Oilers

In 2010 the Raiders got schooled by the Texans at home.  The hated Arian Foster ran wild and Raiders were scattered, disoriented and lost on the field. They had all the talent they do today, but the leadership and cohesion as a team were simply not there.

What a difference a year makes.

Everybody picked Houston of course, but when the smoke cleared Raiders gave the Texans a well-deserved smackdown. And they did it the old fashioned way, with a hammering defensive front, a balanced passing and running attack, and with a TON of blunders, mistakes and fan-torturing screw ups that took it down to the wire!

Whether you call them the Texans or the Oilers or whatever, they have always been second fiddle to the Raiders.  Since the Texans still have a winning record against us, it will be a few years before the natural order of things asserts itself.   This week the spell has been broken and there is no more fear of the Texans, just a sense that Raiders are breaking through barriers left and right. Overcoming the Monday Night Football curse, the away games vs AFC curse and so many others in the last year, Oakland is very much on the right track.

However, being ranked as 31st place, the bottom of the NFL in overall defense, this team has a lot of work to do.  Again, Oakland has a problem with playing below their own talent level, and playing down to teams beneath them. Hue Jackson has taken the job of changing the spirit of this team, and putting an end to the senseless collapses and silly squabbles that have kept our team out of the playoffs for far too long.

The time is right, the coach is right and the team is right to shift into the next gear!

The first third of the season has been a difficult test, but 3-2 against these foes is a great accomplishment. The next third of the season will be a cake walk in comparison. In the past Raiders would proceed to blow it and lose to teams they had every reason to beat. With Hue Jackson at the head, this must not, WILL not happen.

The Pride and Poise has returned… Now– just win it!!!!


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