2011 Division Struggle- Raiders on the Rise

Oakland Raiders Kenny Stabler #12

Will the other AFC West teams beat Jets or Bills?

Probably not. Chargers will fall to both those teams, as they lost to the Patriots. They simply aren’t as good as Oakland. Last years season sweep showed as much, and both teams are nearly identical to 2010.

Denver and KC are spiraling downhill rapidly and have little chance to catch up to the Raiders this year.

IF all the AFCW teams lose to the Patriots, that game is a wash across the board.

Oakland’s first four games were against a tough schedule. Week 1 was an intense Monday night on the road against a division rival. Those are never easy, even against a crap Denver team. Week 2 against a powerful Bills team showed the Raiders capable of dominance despite the loss. Week 3 against two time playoff Jets was a great win and showed Raiders at their best. Week 4 was a loss from day one, no one expected the Raiders to win this.

So instead of 0-4 we are 2-2. Raiders are on schedule to win the division.

Chargers are 3-1, but Raiders will win against Chiefs, Dolphins and Vikings, as these teams are easy money for Coach Jackson’s bloodthirsty offense. Meanwhile Chargers are very likely to lose to Bills and Jets.

Even though San Diego is at #1 in the division by a game, in the overally scheme of things they are about to hit a brick wall and Raiders are on course for some big wins in the next few weeks.

I predicted an 8-8 season and winning the division on a tiebreaker against SD.

After seeing the Raiders team quickly growing, I may have underestimated Oakland by a long shot! 10 wins are possible for this team. In past years they would have choked by now. Coach Jackson is not letting that happen and has this team prepared for the long haul.

The only real question is, will Raiders be ready to compete in the post season? From what we’ve seen so far, no. But they are getting better. The NFL is on notice, here comes the Raiders…


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