Raiders 2011 Week Three: Down Go the Jets

Oakland Raiders VS New York Jets

Old time AFL rival and hated foe the New York Jets came to town. It was one hell of a game as two well matched teams slugged it out at the Coliseum. The lead went back and forth and both teams scored plenty.
However, in the third quarter Oakland’s savage Defense finally started getting thru, with four sacks on Jet’s QB Sanchez. At the same time Campbell, McFadden and Bush used Coach Jackson’s creative play calling to make it happen on offense, scoring twice in under 60 seconds.
This is the Raiders of Week 17 last year, powerful, vicious, attack on defense, aggressive on offense. This is the team Coach Jackson has been building. As he said, they aren’t there yet, but we are getting closer.
This team is fun to watch! What an exciting game against a strong opponent. Win or lose the Raiders are making football fun again and I don’t think there’s any team they can’t beat.

However, let’s look ahead…
Last year the Raiders got SLAUGHTERED by a superior Pittsburgh team. Next weeks game against the Patriots seems like a similar match up. Oakland is trying to take the next step and climb up out of the pit of the last 7 years.  The Patriots will test them to the limit of their ability. Can Raiders keep their poise, confidence and pressure at an all time high to get to Brady and bring him down? My money is on Oakland!
Highlights: Great offensive line has kept Campbell safe game in and game out. WizII is playing at a very high level.
Defense is keeping insane pressure up front, and secondary is wobbly but keeping with it. We may lose some yards, but the pressure cooker up front just keeps plugging away and the sacks will come.
Jason Campbell continues to be a smart, careful, conservative QB.
Darren McFadden continues to be a MONSTER!!!
Mike Bush is our KO punch, leaving defenses in shambles.
Young playmaker D. Moore #17 is making a lot of fans happy!

Negatives: Special teams seems to be giving up a lot of yards on kick returns. Nearly cost us a touchdown this game!
How the HELL does LT continue to torment the Raiders!!! He just seems to make it happen at the Coliseum. Maybe Coach Davis can hire him as a 4th running back just to keep him at our home games!
Secondary has to grow up fast. DVD, Chekwa, and other new guys are being called upon. Sink or swim guys, the stress is now on you big time!


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