The Dolphins MUST Pay

Oakland Raiders VS Miami Dolphins

So far I’ve only been to three games at the Coliseum.  Somehow two of them were against the Dolphins and somehow the Raiders lost both! The first was long ago in 1998 when the great Dan Marino led the ‘Fins to victory.  Raiders QB Hollas couldn’t seem to get anything to happen.  I didn’t realize until recently but the Raiders were coached by the legendary Jon Gruden that year, but hadn’t yet brought on the QB that took them to the top, Rich Gannon.  Gruden had a QB by default as he tried out multiple different guys, trying to find the answers.

This YouTube clip gives a sense of what was going on at the time:  Unfortunately I was there for the game when Donald Hollas completely unraveled, he threw 6 interceptions and we left the game utterly dejected.  Hollas never started another NFL game.

I saw the Dolphins return to Oakland last year, and was excited to see what backup QB Bruce Gradkowski could do for us.  He had done well in 2009 by saving the day against Pittsburgh, and had been solid in relief in 2010. However, his shoulder had been wrecked, and he was unable to throw worth a damn that day.  He underthrew everything, even with a running start, and our receivers didn’t help by dropping everything in sight. Jacoby Ford was amazing, but otherwise, the Raiders were just more horrible than the Dolphins who were far from great.

Now I see that Miami is on the schedule for 2011.  That makes me very happy! It’s time to make the Dolphins PAY!  A long-time AFC rival, the Dolphins have been a playoff and regular season foe on many occasions. Of course Raiders lead the overall series 19-14-1 but we lead the series against just about everyone. Time to up the score a bit and beat those Dolphins to a pulp in Miami this year! With our QB controversy settled, offense in place and hungry defense ready to sack them silly, those poor fish don’t stand a chance.

I’ll be rooting to see justice done, and to see the Raiders back in the Playoffs at the end of 2011…


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