The End of the Raider Nation

Los Angeles Raiders Bo Jackson #34

Let it never come to be! Those of us who love Raider football probably couldn’t live long without it. Too much history, too much emotion, too much blood, sweat and tears shed by players and fans alike over the years.

However, we have to begin to grapple with the fact that our Commander in Chief, Al Davis, is a mere mortal.  He may be determined to live forever, but we know that there is an end for all of us someday. He said as much at his last press conference, and acknowledged that he may last for years to come and he may not.

What will life be like without our leader at the helm?  We’ve had the benefit of his leadership all these years, but the downside is that there is no clear chain of command. Al Davis IS the Raiders.  Who will take the burden of blame, of praise, and of ownership once he is gone?

Other teams are more like corporations, quickly shuffling players out the door when used up, and switching executives at the whim of the latest management trends, attempting to extract all the “value” they can from the fans as quickly as possible. The Raiders aren’t like that.  Synergy between fans, coaches, and players creates a family that has many conflicts, but has a loyalty that is unlike any other team.

I’ve been told that Al Davis’s will says that the Raiders are to be disbanded and the team name retired upon his death.  Upon reflection, there is a certain poetry to this. A beginning and an end, and conclusion to this never ending up and down battle on the gridiron. If indeed that is Mr. Davis’s decision, then the people of the Raider Nation will stand by it, and retire from the field forever.

On the other hand, Oakland needs her Raiders, and what better tribute to times past than future victories!  Without the Raiders the NFL is a lost and lonely place. It could be the end of pro football period! The Raiders MUST live on to give well deserved beatdowns to our foes in the AFC West and across the league! They can’t have the last laugh, Raiders foundation is solid as granite, and the legacy of victory will propel this team for decades to come.

When Al Davis dies, the Raider Nation does too.  Long Live the Raider Nation!


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Oakland Raiders fan since mid 2009, when I noticed the Raiders on TV during a visit to my wife's family in Ohio. By the end of the game versus the Bengals I had become a fanatical fan and haven't missed a game since... View all posts by theoaklandraiders

5 responses to “The End of the Raider Nation

  • woods546

    Raider Nation will live on after Davis is gone. It has to. Even if the Raiders don’t exist, the Nation will. And I don’t buy into the notion that Davis has it set to dissolve the Raiders upon his death. He has people in place (namely Amy Trask and Al’s son Mark) to move the organization forward. The Greatness of the Raiders Will Continue in its Future. That is written in every game program. And the team is getting better and has depth. The Raiders are coming back!

  • Chris

    Long live the Raider Nation!!!

  • theoaklandraiders

    Woods I hope you are right man!If his son Mark has even half of his fathers spirit, then the Raiders will be in good hands indeed. I am really hoping that Al Davis doesn’t take the Raiders to the grave with him, the Greatness of the Raiders MUST Continue!!
    GO RAIDERS!@#$@@%%

  • hendeeze

    Long live AL Davis.

    PS. the raiders suck

    • theoaklandraiders

      Hendeeze, you must be a fan of one of those teams that Al Davis DEMOLISHED during his 5 decades in the NFL! Who has a winning record against the Raiders? Probably not your team… hahaha….

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