Rivals: The Kansas City Chiefs

Oakland Raiders VS Kansas City Chiefs

Before I became a Raiders fan, I’d hardly even heard of this distant place called Kansas City. Now I carry a burning hate of that town and everyone in it, every moment of every day.  Just kidding, but in all seriousness it seems clear that for many fans here in Oakland, there is no more bitter rival than the Chiefs…

Founded as one of the original AFL teams by the famed Lamar Hunt, they were originally the Dallas Texans. Within a few years they had moved to Kansas City, and there they remain, a mob of red jacketed maniacs, and twice a year their team plays ours in a battle that is always highly contested. Some say that no matter how bad or good either team is in a particular year, it doesn’t matter, the mutual antagonism is so strong that they will always play up to each other, fighting for every possible advantage.

As a new fan, my knowledge of the history is pretty weak. But in the recent past, one of the Raiders greatest quarterbacks was drawn from the Chiefs roster, Rich Gannon, who led Oakland to multiple AFC West division wins, and the greatest trophy of all, the AFC Championship Title.  Obviously Gannon’s success only fueled the fire between these two teams.

I was lucky enough to make it to the Raiders home game against the Chiefs in 2010, and the place was on fire! Many were displaying their “FU KC” t-shirts, and the few KC fans in attendance wore their black shirts and hats to keep low key.  Anyone with red on was getting a lot of “feedback” from the hometown fans.

The game itself was a slugfest, neither team was making many good plays in the rain. Both defenses were stopping the offense, and no star players emerged.  Chiefs were pulling ahead at the half and the Raiders were looking positively stagnant. On the way back to my seat with two beers, halftime was over, and I entered the Coliseum just as the kickoff sailed through the air into the arms of rookie Jacoby Ford.  Within seconds the entire sold-out stadium was on its feet screaming, roaring and shouting full force as Ford broke though the Chiefs line and ran back for the touchdown. I came dangerously close to spilling my beers!

From there on Oakland had the momentum and staged a solid comeback. Ford made multiple clutch catches to help the Raiders move downfield, and the Seabass kick put it into overtime.  Tension was thick as the Chiefs got the ball first, but somehow the Raider defense put a stop to them.  And another amazing catch by Ford put us in range for Janikowski to kick once again in the intermittent rain.  Silence reigned until our reliable kicker put it through and then pandemonium! Celebrating with my fellow fans from all over the state and the world, we cheered in victory.  I think that game was the one that made me into a Raider fanatic.

Next Chief’s game, you can be sure I’ll be there fully prepared to celebrate another victory over this most hated rival of all!

SPECIAL EDIT:  Just for the sake of posterity, I’ve added commentary on the AFC Rivals from the notorious S.O.B. of Silver & Black Pride, the man knows what he is talking about!!!!

“When assessing a rival, several factors come into play; to name only a few: the teams players, fans, win/loss record against us

The Chiefs have been more belligerent and bellicose with respect to players, e.g. fights on the field, while the Bronco fans have been especially rude and derelict, e.g thrown batteries and beers at and against our beloved Raiders. However, the abject crudeness, gaucheness and lowness of the Chief fans is astonishing and sobering – as St. Augustin said, “There but for the grace of God go I.” Also, the Chiefs are the only divisional rival having a superior overall record against us; in fact, no other franchise in the league has been more successful against us than the little red men. The Chargers, on the other hand (3rd hand, as it were) are not so much hated as despised, especially since they’ve only enjoyed a certain level of prominence in recent times (albeit modest by Raider standards) after being perennially weak. Moreover, the StD fans are not only lukewarm fair-weather sorts but amongst the least informed fanbase in existence. Objectively, the Chiefs are our ultimate rival – based on a 50 year history that takes into account players and fans, Denver is second and San Diego third. However, because I like j-man so much, I’ve elevated StD into 2nd place and relegated Denver to 3rd.

“I did the (2010) draft. … I made a trade for Seymour. Gave up the first-rounder this year. I could tell you why. You may not think it was a good trade. I thought it was a great trade. Still do. [Al Davis 1/2011]

by Sons-of-Blanda on May 6, 2011 8:20 PM PDT”


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