Rivals: The Denver Broncos

Oakland Raiders VS Denver Broncos

The Broncos have been rivals to the Raiders since day one, and like all the AFC West teams, have fought many hard battles against the silver and black.  Some might say the Broncos are the best of the AFC West, in that they’ve won the AFC Championship 6 times to the Raiders 5. However, in terms of Super Bowl wins, the Raiders hold the most, so that pretty much settles the case.  That said, the Broncos always bring a lot of passion to the game, and their fans have a deep hatred of our team, and rightfully so!After all the Raiders have crushed their hopes and dreams many times over the decades.

I read one anecdote that when John Madden started his TV career, his first game as announcer was in Denver. He kept wondering why the fans were so quiet, waiting for them to roar and scream like usual. He finally realized that he’d only ever been to Mile High as the Raiders coach, and that only the Raiders got death threats, constant boo’s, beers thrown and an utterly berzerk fan base…   Playing other teams, the Denver fans were pretty normal!  That says a lot about the heat of rivalry between the AFC West teams.

So far I’ve only seen three games on TV featuring Raiders and Broncos.  The first was when Jamarcus won (!?!?) at Denver, in a very hard fought and close game in 2009.  In 2010 I saw parts of the Mile High Massacre, which I’ve rewatched many times on youtube. This is the game when the 2010 Raiders came to life and saw the potential they had.  Crossing the goal line so many times, and getting a team record 59 points made us all realize that this team could become great. The second meeting with Denver in 2010 was the unveiling of Tebow, and when he made his first running touchdown right past Seymour and the guys, I admit I started to get nervous.  By the end of that game Tebow and the Broncos were put in their place with a solid beatdown and when the dust cleared their coach was fired, their fans were streaming out of the stadium, and the final nail was put in the Bronco’s coffin for the season.

The 2011 campaign should bring a new depth of hatred and spite toward the Oakland Raiders, and that’s just the way we like it! This could and should turn into a nice long streak of Raider wins for the next few years to come…


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