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Oakland Raiders fan since mid 2009, when I noticed the Raiders on TV during a visit to my wife's family in Ohio. By the end of the game versus the Bengals I had become a fanatical fan and haven't missed a game since...

The Raiders are in talks to tear down the stadium next year

“Representatives of Coliseum City say they expect to reach a deal with the Raiders by the end of the summer that would lead to the opening of a new football stadium on the existing site by 2018.

“It will be critical to demolish the existing stadium in 2015″ if the project is to be finished on time, the Coliseum City attorney said.”

Raider Quarterback 2004-5, Kerry Collins #5

Kerry Collins #5 (2004-05) – In many ways seems like a Matt Schaub clone. Statuesque, big armed passer with a couple Pro Bowls to his credit. He even came to the Raiders at the same age (32). One major difference is Collins led a team to a Super Bowl (Giants, 2000).

He had two seasons in Oakland. The first he had 21 TD to 20 int. His second season was better with 20TD to 12int. On one hand, Collins never had a season as bad as Schaub did last season. On the other hand, Collins can’t really touch Schaub’s numbers before last season.


Al Davis Owner’s Ring 1976 Raiders

Raider Quarterback Matt McGloin #14

Matt McGloin #14 Under Center

Matt McGloin made his second start for the Raiders on November 24, 2013. McGloin got the team into lead in the last minutes of the game, but the defense surrendered a touchdown in the last 10 seconds of the game to give the Raiders a (23-19) loss against the Titans.

Raiders 2014 Training Camp Positional Roster

Raiders VS NFC North

Raiders are 1-1 vs the NFCNorth so far.


Raider Linebacker 1985-88, Reggie McKenzie #54

Raider Linebacker Reggie McKenzie #54

Raiders won the AFC West division title in 1985, which was McKenzie’s only trip to the playoffs as a Raider.

Raider Assistant Head Coach Tony Sparano

Tony Sparano was fired after only one year as offensive coordinator of the New York Jets in 2012. His offense ranked 30th in the NFL.

Tony Sparano‘s 2013 O-Line Stats:

Total First Downs Raiders 275 Opponent 330

Raider Linebacker Khalil Mack #52

Raider Linebacker Khalil Mack #52

Now 6-foot-2 and 251 pounds, Khalil Mack‘s ability to range sideline-to-sideline, rush the passer (28.5 career sacks) and strip the ball (16 forced fumbles) is enhanced by a will to prepare as well as to win.

Raider Running Back Latavius Murray #34

The 6-foot-3, 230-pound former Onondaga High School star Latavius Murray #34, has a combustible mix of size and speed.The Raiders selected him in the 6th round of last year’s NFL Draft.


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