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Oakland Raiders fan since mid 2009, when I noticed the Raiders on TV during a visit to my wife's family in Ohio. By the end of the game versus the Bengals I had become a fanatical fan and haven't missed a game since...

Raider Linebacker Miles Burris #56

Miles Burris #56 graded out as the worst Middle Linebacker in the NFL for Week Two

2014 Week Two: 0-16 here we come

So let’s see here…..

Lowest attendance in the NFL.

Lowest valuation of any franchise by Forbes.

Worst stadium in the NFL

Head Coach voted #32 in the league by insiders

Least desirable team to play for voted by NFL players

What Would Al Do?

Oakland coach Dennis Allen is ranked at the bottom

30 NFL insiders ranked the 32 head coaches in the league.  Oakland coach Dennis Allen is ranked at the bottom.

Raider Defensive End Antonio Smith #94

Antonio Smith #94. Three shared tackles in Week One 2014.

The Raiders are among the elite teams in the NFL

70sRaiders 002The Raiders are among the elite teams in the NFL, ranking among the
top five from 1963-2013 in winning percentage. The Raiders rank tied
for fourth with a .554 percentage since Al Davis was named head coach
and general manager in 1963.

Rank Team W L T Pct.
1. Dallas Cowboys 455 320 3 .587
2. Pittsburgh Steelers 438 332 8 .569
3. Miami Dolphins 415 317 4 .567
4t. Oakland Raiders 425 342 11 .554
4t. Minnesota Vikings 426 343 9 .554

Do We Keep Dennis Allen?

“During Jim Harbaugh‘s first season as the Raiders’ quarterback coach in 2002, Rich Gannon won the league’s MVP award and led the team to the Super Bowl.

If Dennis Allen cannot get the job done, I gotta guy in mind.


ClassicRaiders 002


and we have finally rebuilt this thing
the salary cap hell is over
Average players at all positions on defense and offense
A few exciting rookies who have a chance to shine
3rd year coaching staff maturing in their positions
Guys this is the best we’ve looked in a long time.


2002Raiders 034


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